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Electrician Woodbridge Electrician Woodbridge
Electrician Woodbridge
Leading Light is owned by Mike Martin
Because of his faith, you can be sure Leading Light Electrical Services will aim to work honestly and ethically at all times. Clients expect and deserve to be treated well when businesses undertake work for them. Leading Light’s promise is to treat all Clients with the utmost respect and honesty and to complete all work to the highest possible standards. In turn, electricians working for Leading Light Electrical Services Woodbridge, would also wish to be treated in the same way.
Electrician Woodbridge
Mission Statement
Leading Light Electrical Services Woodbridge are passionate about providing a top quality service for all your Domestic Electrical Installation and Maintenance needs. Leading Light Electrical Services’ aim is to undertake all business in an honest and ethical manner completing all work to the highest possible standards. All Clients will be treated with honesty and due respect by all electricians undertaking work for Leading Light Electrical Services
A little about Mike
Mike has worked for a leading Telecommunications company both in engineering and managerial roles for 25 years. During his career, Mike has gained experiences ranging through the spectrum from electronic equipment fabrication to Fibre Optic Network design and finally Project Management. The business is located in Woodbridge, Suffolk.
Electrician Woodbridge