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Millions of Households still have
the 'old' style fuse box with re-wireable or
cartridge fuses. Whilst this is not 'dangerous',
new fuse boxes provide additional protection to all
circuits by means of an RCD (Residual Current Device)
switch providing a safer environment especially when it comes
to providing lighting or using electrical devices outdoors.

Advantages of a new fusebox are no more replacing fiddly fuse wire,
no danger of the wrong size of fuse wire used, provides two 30mA RCD
protection meeting 17th Edition Wiring regulations to all sockets, lighting,
cookers etc. and all wires hidden within the walls. Dual RCD protection also prevents loss
of all circuits by mixing down stairs sockets with upstairs lighting. The fuses, or MCBs
(miniature circuit breaker) are more sensitive tripping out quicker in the event of a fault

Leading Light Electrical Services Woodbridge would be happy to give you a free quotation to replace your fuse box.
A fuse box upgrade would also include any Earthing upgrades to meet current BS7671 Regulations
Fuse Box replacements should be completed by a qualified electrician. Fuse box installations will be certified
and notified to the local authority building control

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Electrician Woodbridge
Electrician Woodbridge
Electrician Woodbridge
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