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Does your house need a re-wire?
The immediate answer should never be a straight
There are some preliminary checks you can make
yourself to help decide if further investigation is warranted.
Are the cables entering your fuse box black, white or grey or even lead?
If they are black, they are the older cables made from rubber which
perish over time. You will need these checking to ensure they are still
safe. Black cables could be more than 40 years old and the insulation of the wires could be crumbling. Grey or white cables are made from PVC but last longer and would need to be tested individually to ascertain any deterioration. Other points to check are old looking sockets with round pins,
old round light switches, metal tubes and multiple or inadiquate fuse boxes.

Re-wiring a house would entail replacing ALL existing cabling, all electrical outlets and light switches and be completed by a qualified electrician. Modern day living places a greater demand on the number of electrical points we require, re-wiring will give you the opportunity to increase the number of sockets and improve the lighting and switching capabilities. A new fuse box and earthing upgrade is also included in every re-wire. Why not add under floor heating too?

A re-wire should be completed by a part-P registered electrician, certificated and notified to the building control or your local authority.

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